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Unvented Cylinders

Get someone qualified.

Its is an offence to work on unvented cylinders if not qualified so always check first.


Check the engineer holds a bpec unvented qualification.


Also some gas boilers incorporate unvented hot water stores.  If you have one of these you need to make sure any engineer carrying out any work is both gas safe and bpec qualified.


Jon is fully qualified.  And he will install any installation safely and according to building regulations.

Why Go Unvented?

Megaflow market leaders and our recommendation.

  • High flow rates.
  • High pressure.
  • Brilliant solution for small and large properties.
  • Efficient and cheap to run.
  • Delivers high pressure and flow to multiple bathrooms.
  • Immersion back up if gas boiler breaks down.
  • Stored hot water.
  • No tank required in the loft.
  • No need for gas supply (direct version only)
Large Homes

Benefit from a constant high pressure and flow all over your home.

Large homes with multiple bathrooms have always posed a problem with it being difficult to get water all round the house at a high pressure.  With the old solution being installing pumps all over the place.

But now with the introduction on unvented cylinders that is a problem of the past.  Used in conjunction with a system boiler, an unvented cylinder can provide high pressures and flow all over a large property.  Simply the bigger the place and the more bathrooms the bigger the cylinder.  And as unvented cylinders operate with a cold water main going directly into them there’s no need for a tank in the loft.

Small Homes

Great solution for flats and apartments with no gas supply.

If you live in a flat or apartment with no gas supply a direct unvented cylinder could be for you.


It will supply you with high pressure and flow all over and there’s no need for a gas boiler, which could save you £££'s.


It is a very economical way of heating water, saving money on electricity bills.