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Power Flushing
Why Do I Need A Powerflush?

Sludge gathers within radiators

If you experience these problems you should have a Powerflush.

  • Cold spots on radiators.
  • Radiators cold at the bottom.
  • Radiators cold at the top.
  • Blocked pipes and valves due to sludge or lime scale.?
  • Loud banging noises from boiler.
  • Noisy pipes due to restrictions.
  • Boiler cutting out due to blocked pump.
Benefits of a Powerflush
A Powerflush machine
  • More efficient system.
  • Up to 25% saving on fuel bills.
  • Better circulation.
  • Faster heat up.
  • Quieter system.
  • Rust and limescale protection.
  • Efficient radiators
What does it involve?

Bleed your rads if the water is this colour you need a powerflush.

The average powerflush takes about a day. With approx 30mins spent flushing each radiator. A cleaning chemical is flushed through the system at high pressures. All the sludge is then filtered out as it passes back through the machine.

After the flush we add inhibitor to the system to stop further corrosion.

We also advice after a powerflush you have a magna clean and scale reducer fitted to protected your system and be cleaned every 5 years.


Compared to our competitors we offer a high value for money service.

And the prices as follows.

  • 10 radiator system and below 250.
  • Each additional radiator after that a further 30.
  • All inhibitors and cleaners supplied in price.
  • Have a magna clean and scale reducer fitted for extended guarantee.